Everybody Studies Psychology and Is a Psychologist

Everybody studies psychology, is a psychologist and does psychotherapy. It’s as common as eating, walking, thinking, and playing. Everyone lives in the inner world. It’s the world of being. It’s the world where who you are is. Psychology is the way the inner world works so everybody studies psychology.

Everybody is a psychologist. It’s natural. We do it without thinking about it. We try to understand how the inner world works. Then we try to use our understanding to help ourselves and do life better. We try to advance ourselves and make improvements. This is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is using what we understand of psychology to make our lives better.

It’s not a question of whether or not we are going to be a psychologist and do psychotherapy. It’s a question of how well are we going to do it. Many people don’t do very well. They don’t really understand psychology very well. They don’t understand how the inner world works very well. They tend to believe what someone else tells them. They tend to believe superstitions and old wives tales. They tend to believe that they are fundamentally different from everyone else or vice versa. And they tend to deny some of the most basic difficulties of life both in themselves and in others.

People tell themselves that true things are not true and they tell themselves that untrue things are true. We tell ourselves we are prettier than we really are or uglier. We tell ourselves we are smarter than you are. We tell ourselves we are not as we really are. These are just a few examples.

People depend on the truth. They need it and they tell it to themselves on a regular basis. We tell ourselves the truth each moment of every day. This is a basic psychological reality. This is very important and most people do a pretty good job of telling themselves the truth. Yet, at the same time, we lie to ourselves. We lie about things. We overlook things. We ignore things. And we miss important things in the situation… and we tell ourselves that everything our minds and particularly our feelings tell us is the truth.

Each moment of each day we are telling ourselves truth and untruth all mixed in together. So we get really bad at telling the difference. Sometimes we know the difference in the back of her mind. And we know what the real lies are. But we don’t pay attention. We go on believing things are true that we want to be true. This is how the inner, psychological world works,

Here we see the daily need for psychotherapy, the need for being a psychologist. We must learn to tell the difference between the lies we are telling ourselves and the truths we are telling ourselves. It is a matter of waking up, giving ourselves our utmost attention, and being fully honest… about what we really know about what is true. This is good psychotherapy. It is good living. It is the way to make improvement. It is the way to go forward and get better. It is a natural process of life. It is something everyone does but some of us do better than others.

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