Goals by Zig Ziglar

If you are going to learn about goals and how they can change your life, it is a good idea to listen to someone who has accomplished a little something in life! Zig Ziglar fits that bill in spades! Though being nearly the youngest child in a family of 12 and losing his father and sister at a young age, Zig has achieved many successes in life. In fact, he is the premiere motivational speaker in the US today, despite having fallen down a flight of stairs in 2007, which left him with short-term memory loss. One thing that Zig, and therefore anyone who wants to succeed, states is important to success is setting goals.


In the United States today you will learn many useful facts in the public school system and then college. One thing you will not learn however is the importance of setting goals. Zig Ziglar believes that even a short semester on goal setting would make the difference in the lives of young students today. While you wait for changes to be made in the school system, you can learn about and teach your children goal setting.


The first “goal” in goal setting is to dream. Take the time to fill a page with every dream you have ever had. What do you want out of life? What do you want to have in life? Who do you want to be? These are all important questions and without answering them, you will not have a complete picture. Think of goals as your road map to the rest of your life, you would never set out on a physical journey without a map would you? Of course not! So why face the rest of your life just aimlessly wandering around? Try to have at least 25 dreams on your sheet before you call it a day.

Revisit the List

Once you have a sheet of dreams, take some time to rest. Give it a day or two before you revisit your dream list. From all of these pursuits you are going to begin to narrow down things that are actual goals. As you look at each item on the list ask yourself why, if you cannot come up with an answer in a sentence or two, cross it off your list because it will never be a goal.


Ask the following five questions of each remaining dream on your list:

* Can you visualize the goal? Really see it happening

* Is it a goal that is fair to others?

* Is it honestly Your goal?

* Does it fit with the other goals?

* Are you emotionally prepared to pursue it?

Once you have used these questions to narrow down your list, you have to ask several more questions to ask, will the goal:

* Make you happy

* Create prosperity

* Support health

* Give you peace

* Improve relations with others

* Increase security

* Win friends

Any goal that does not meet at least one of these criteria should be removed from the list. According to Zig Ziglar, these are not goals but just general dreams and desires.


You are now ready to begin separating your list into long-term, short-term and intermediate pursuits. It is important that you have some goals that fit into each of these categories. Long term or huge goals will stretch you and force you to grow, while short-term pursuits will keep you on track and motivated. There will be times of frustration and having a wide range of goals will be what prevents you from quitting!

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